Fixing teeth

Erikoishammasteknikon palvelut yksilöllisesti ja asiantuntevasti.


Composite plastic or ceramic is used to patch the tooth. If the gums are in good condition and the tooth does not require root canal treatment, the tooth can be fixed in one visit, regardless of the filling material.


When choosing patching material, the color of the spot, durability, possible biting stress and price are taken into account. Plastic can be used to make a beautiful place that blends in with the color of the tooth. When filling large holes or molars, ceramic is preferred, because plastic is not necessarily a sufficiently durable material due to chewing stress. Small places in the molar area can be made of plastic, but when planning larger places, you should evaluate the impact of bite stress when choosing the place material.

Dentist and technician services

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Kun koet hammaslääkäripelkoa keskustele asiasta hammaslääkärillesi

Do you suffer from fear of the dentist?

When you experience fear of the dentist, talk to your dentist about it. Talking can help, the dentist also knows how to take your fears into account and help to relieve them if necessary.

Erikoishammasteknikon palvelut yksilöllisesti ja asiantuntevasti.

Taking care of your teeth contributes to your health!

The health of the teeth contributes to the health of the whole body. It is important to notice oral diseases before they become serious. Here you will be taken care of by dental care professionals with solid experience.

Käy hammaslääkärillä aina 6kk välein tarkistamaan hampaat ja puhdistamaan ne mahdollisista hammaskivistä tai paikkaamaan mahdolliset reijät.

Regular care!

Always visit the dentist every 6 months to check your teeth and clean them of possible tartar or to patch any holes.