Price list


Price list

On this page you can familiarize yourself with our price list. Take contact!

Quality service without high costs

Eurohammas dentists are proud to offer a combination of good service and affordable prices. This is indeed a great advantage as it sets us apart from the average pricing for dental services.


Providing excellent service in dentistry is important to building trust and maintaining patient satisfaction.

Kun potilaat saavat korkealaatuista hoitoa sekä yksilölliset hoitosuunnitelmat asiakkaat saavat positiivisen kokemuksen ja jatkavat paluuta hammaslääkärikäynteihin.

Dental services

Dental examination   from €45

Dental examination in connection with the treatment from €25

Tartar and discoloration removal (fluoridation, cleaning)   from €69

Tooth-colored filling from €69

Painless tooth extraction from €69

Teeth whitening from €150

Partial prosthesis, plastic from €740

Partial prosthesis, metal from €990

Root treatment from €240

OnLei or InLei from €390

Bite rail €250

Soda washing  200 €

Tartar removal and soda washing (together)   119 €

Dental jewelry with installations   from €45

Dental technician service

Inspection of denture teeth (Free)

Full prosthesis (one jaw)  from €480

Full prosthesis (upper and lower jaw)  from €920

Primer for full upper or lower jaw prosthesis  159 €

Prosthetic repairs (while waiting)  from €115


Frequently asked Questions.

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How often should you floss?
How often should mouth water be used?
How does smoking affect oral and dental health?